Aphrodite’s Nectar

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She is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.  Hints of peach, mango, pineapple and dragonfruit compose the sensational Nectar of the Gods!


We love pineapple, but not too much!  We love mango and we love dragon fruit, but by themselves they just don’t get it done right… combine them in the right amounts and VOILA… Aphrodite’s Nectar! YUM!

All of our flavors are made with our oh-so-very-extra-special-base – which contains the perfect ingredients. The first secret ingredient minimizes nicotine taste AND harshness. The second secret ingredient creates a moist wetness in your mouth – we absolutely can’t stand dry vapes or flavors that make you take a drink every time you take a puff! We also have a secret ingredient that improves the cloudy feel in your mouth. Plus our sweeteners and nicotine are all in the VG base, which leaves us the maximum amount available for flavor – and those matched with our uncanny ability to combine flavors are our secrets to success!

Additional information


15 ml, 30 ml

Nic Strength

2.5 mg, 4.5 mg



Tobacco Flavor


2 reviews for Aphrodite’s Nectar

  1. Charles (verified owner)

    I love this juice… chillin’ with Aphrodite herself!

  2. N8

    WOW! Intense flavors for a high VG content. This uniqe flavor will over take your dripper! Even after switching to two other flavors I still taste the sweet resonance of Aphrodite on my tongue. For those flavor chasers that like puffy clouds or cloud chasers that like more taste this will complement your pallet. the sweet nodes of pineapple linger but the peach and mango pack a thrill that tantalises my taste buds. Deffinately impressed. This is a smooth vape that will not make your throat dry and suprisingly almost makes your mouth feel like it is salavating! The only reason for 4 stars is the price point and limit of 30ml max size and no higher nic level then 4.5. I cant wait to try the Honeydew me.

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