We can only supply 10 shops for now...

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Our Word is Our Bond

We know that when you partner with an eJuice maker you are providing VALUABLE shelf space – so when we commit to keeping you stocked we are taking that commitment to another level.


When Your Customers Try our eJuice…

Once your customers try our eJuice, the demand will never wane!  So we are prepared to supply you and your clients perfectly.  There is nothing worse than being out of what your clients want and watching those sales dwindle.  We won’t let that happen., and that’s why there are limited spots for vape shop owners to get in – to make sure we treat them right.


Still have questions?  Want to try first?

No problem!  We are happy to provide samples to any shop owner in the US that is interested in stocking our products. The delay from testing might mean you don’t make it in the first 10 spots, but we are ramping up production already, so you should make the list of the next 10 (or 100) shops to get in.  Just mention samples in the comment to the right to get yours shipped today. Get in touch now and get your shelves stocked with the next big brand to take over the eJuice market – Vine Vapors!!


Now is the time!

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