Thanks to the organization of the Pink Lung Brigade, and others, today’s hearing at the Clark County Public Service Center in Vancouver, Washington went very well (here is the previous announcement).  The room was packed with what looked to be 200 or more pro-vaping supporters.  The arguments made against the current legislation were made relatively well, with what seemed to be very interested and concerned looks and interactions from the County.  Vine Vapors was happy to be in attendance, and we are hopeful that we may have averted the worst of this bill, if their intention is to honor the freedoms we appreciate.


Full Video of the Clark County Ban on Vaping in Public

Here is the full video of the Clark County Ban on Vaping hearing.  You can see our own CEO, Charles Montgomery, approach and speak at about 1:17 and 50 seconds, as well as PLB members and many other vaping supporters.


The three vaping advocacy points made we hope they capitulate on in the final bill (at least):

  1. Vaping won’t be banned in vape shops
  2. Vaping in bars may be subject to the bar’s discretion
  3. Vaping is not smoking, so don’t classify it the same

Ban on Vaping in Public

The point of the legislation is to get people out of the public’s eye so that “we” don’t sway kids to start vaping.  I love the quote in this article from Blu eCigs:

“We don’t ban water because it looks like vodka.”—Spike Babian, co-owner of Vape New York, in testimony to the New York City council

A Ban on Vaping in Vape Shops

I know, it sounds crazy right?  The arguments made against banning vaping in vape shops we succinct, we need the ability to test flavors, test out coil builds and repair customer devices – all which create vapor. We are hopeful they won’t impinge on the rights of shop owners and shop goers given this logic, but it remains to be seen.

A Ban on Vaping in Bars

Vaping in bars where owners allow and constituents attend with full knowledge of vaping, seems to us to be very logical, but given the fact that bar owners can’t decide if smoking is allowed or not, this one has a much lower likelihood of being honored.  We will see!

Vaping is Not Smoking

Duh.  We know it, and they should know it.  So the arguments made here were simple & succinct, there is no combustion therefore there is no smoke.  Therefore it is not smoking.  They planned to change some wording in the bill, hopefully it was at least on this point.


Who Else Was in Attendance

We were happy to be surrounded by our friends from the industry including:

Email the Legislators

There is still time before the final decisions are made to submit comments, so let’s bombard them with more pro-vaping, pro-freedom language – and see what we can accomplish.

Clark County Board of Councilors
Tom Mielke
(360) 397-2232
David Madore
(360) 397-2232
Jeanne E. Stewart
(360) 397-2232

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

We think the hearing was a success – please let us know your thoughts in the comments here or on Facebook.

Here are some photos of the Clark County Ban on Vaping Hearing – packed with pro-vape supporters:

04.22.15 Clark County Hearing - 1

Clark County Legislators in Action

04.22.15 Clark County Hearing - 2

Full Room at the Hearing!

04.22.15 Clark County Hearing - 3

Packed to the back!

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