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Lawmakers are looking to impede the progression of vaping - at the expense of smokers.

Why We Believe Vaping Advocacy is So Important

There are 1 Billion Smokers Globally. 1 out of 2 Smokers Die from Smoking.

It’s an EMERGENCY! See our CEO let Clark County legislators know there is a revolution at hand! 

Smokers Need to Start Vaping – Lawmakers Are Getting In The Way

Vaping has, in verifiable terms, already proven itself to be the VERY BEST smoking cessation tool available ever – and its effectiveness simply DWARFS all other methods.  Smokers that try vaping are stopping smoking the SAME DAY. And they are SO GRATEFUL because every other method they tried DIDN’T WORK.  Yet some lawmakers and tobacco industry insiders are trying to make it difficult for the vaping community in ridiculous ways, including:

  • Defining Vaping as Smoking
  • Eliminating Vape / eJuice Flavors
  • Banning Vaping in Public
  • Banning Vaping in Vape Shops
  • Banning Vaping in Bars

Their misinformation campaign has to stop because smokers are switching to vaping, and it is saving their lives.

Vaping Advocacy Groups We Support

Expect MUCH more information in the coming weeks as we build our team and gather momentum as vaping adovcates.


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Stop Smoking & Vape!

Vaping is the most successful Smoking Cessation Product on the planet, and these vaping survey infographics prove it. They contain the best visualized, real-world vaping survey responses, which are the best evidence of how vaping is actually affecting people’s lives and health - until medical science catches up.

Please comment and share so the rest of the world can begin to see the bigger picture – especially those legislators that want to damage its momentum.

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Save someone you love NOW - turn them on to vaping!

Disclaimer & Additional Vaping Information

We do need to make it clear that Vine Vapors is not making any type of medical recommendation to start vaping. We only recommend vaping for smokers.  We are we not saying that vaping is 100% safe.  We are saying that it is a healthier alternative to smoking, and that it can and vaping should be used to help smokers stop smoking now!  We are vaping advocates, because we are firm believers in vaping science - and not in the garbage claims that have been produced that are creating the vaping controversy.
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