Hi Everyone!  We did some research for a customer tonight and figured they are worth publishing for every one else as well… Our main priority is helping you stop smoking, and for that to happen you need great hardware and eJuice.  We already make the premium eJuice you can buy, so here are our recommendations on hardware!  Let us know if you have any questions in the comments…

Best Hardware – Current Tested Generation

This is the setup we use now, it is very good.  Our only complain is that the 3 ml capacity tank has us refilling quite a bit, but we vape quite a lot as well.  The drip tip can get fairly hot also, but that is easy to remedy simply by turning down the power or just vape less.  Everything else in this setup is a great match and top of the line.  Online reviews will confirm that this is a solid setup, however things change fast and the next section is the next evolution step up for not a lot more money.


  • $50 x 1 – eLeaf iStick 50W – No battery to change, high battery capacity, can vape while charging
  • $32 x 1 – Sense Herakles – Good flavor, medium power tank, easy to use, good airflow, 3 ml capacity
  • $12 x 2 – Sense Herakles Tank Coils (Use .6 Ohm coils with 50W device – not .25 ohm)

Next Generation High Power Box Mod & Tank

So this next section is the result of a LOT of research on what we would buy NOW if we were to purchase a new vape / mod & sub ohm setup. This setup here will inevitably create tremendous clouds, so it also won’t be great for stealth vaping or vaping in public.  We also haven’t tried any of this equipment ourselves, but based on reviews and prices, this is the best you can buy today with all the important considerations in mind, ease of use, battery life, cost, quality & flavor.  Other tanks and hardware were eliminated for being difficult to fill, battery hassles, less impactful flavor and more.  The total for this setup at these links is $102.  These are the best prices from reputable retailers you will find we believe, and they are all US suppliers which means the shipping times should be reasonable.


  • $55 x 1 – SmokTech M80 Box Mod – No battery to change, higher power, TEMP CONTROL
  • $31 x 1 – High Voltage Sub Ohm Tank – Great quality, flavor & build, up to 100W
  • $16 x 2 – High Voltage Tank Coils – It may be best to use .2 Ohm coils with 80W device, but it could go either way.
Given the minor pricing difference our faith in our research and recommendations, we would have to suggest the second option.  But if you are risk averse the first option is pretty much guaranteed success in our own experience.


As mentioned, our primary motivation in this business is to help people stop smoking now through vapinggreat vaping hardware and eJuice at a great price is half of the battle!


If you buy or already have any of this vaping hardware, please let us know your experiences as well!


Happy Vaping!

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